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Kawasaki STX-15F


When you break it down to performance per dollar, the STX-15F jets right to the front of the pack. Its race-bred hull design gives it the kind of championship-winning handling Kawasaki Jet Skis are famous for. Packed with performance and luxury features, the STX-15F is one highly affordable package.


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Base price $11,299 (CAD)
Monthly payments $75/month
Boat type / Category
Boat type Personal Watercraft
Category Water Sports, Ideal for Trailering
Assembly Lincoln, NE, US
Warranty 1 year
Dimensions / Weight
Length overall 3.1 m (10′3″)
Beam 1.2 m (3′10″)
Bridge clearance N/A
Height on trailer N/A
Draft N/A
Dry weight 383 kg (844 lbs)
Hull deadrise N/A
Cabin headroom N/A
Fuel tank 62 l (16 gal)
Water tank N/A
Waste tank N/A
Holding tank N/A
Passenger capacity 3
Sleeping capacity N/A
Max hp 160 hp
Base engine Kawasaki 1498 CC
Drive / Propulsion Jet drive
Engine type I-4
Displacement 1.5 litre
Power 160 hp @ 7,500 rpm
Induction Atmospheric
Fuel requirement Regular
Other engines N/A
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